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How to Make a Quick and Easy Donut Graphic in Cricut Design Space

Tired of searching the internet for that perfect design, only to not find exactly what you want?

In this Cricut Design Space tutorial, I will teach you how to make your own custom donut graphic, even if you’ve never made a single design, ever.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial will have you with a custom donut graphic in just minutes. 

Click play on the video above to start watching now.

Free Donut Graphic

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Project Ideas

National Donut Day is coming and this custom donut graphic is perfect to celebrate.

Here are some donut design ideas you can make:

  • Sweet One
sweet one donut svg
  • Donut Worry
donut worry
  • One Donut
one donut svg
  • Do or Donut
do or donut
  • Donut Stop Believin

Which one of these designs do you plan to make? Make sure you tap here to start making your next donut design by grabbing the free donut design project link so you can get started now.

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