THE ULTIMATE beginner's guide to making svg files with inkscape

Make Your Own SVG files with Inkscape

Packed with 30+ pages of pictures and step by step instructions on how to convert text and images to SVG to make your own custom creations!

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Are you tired of paying for SVG files?

Or maybe you can't quite find the file that is customized to your needs?

If you answered yes, look no further. I have created an eBook that will teach you how to make an SVG with Inkscape!

No more fooling with finicky design space or relying on online converters that may not convert the file quite right!

What will you learn?

  • What is an SVG file
  • What is Inkscape
  • Why use Inkscape
  • How to download Inkscape
  • How to convert images and SVG files with Inkscape
  • How to convert text to SVG files with Inkscape
  • How to save an SVG file with Inkscape
make an svg in inkscape


Make Your Own SVG Files with Inkscape Ebook

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