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The Font Selection Guide

Do you find it so difficult to find videos about the process for choosing fonts for your custom money card holders?

By the end of this video, you’ll be armed with the simple framework you need to pick a font for your money card holder design in minutes so you can focus on the crafting portion.

Click the button below to get the free font ideas guide and get an even faster shortcut to a curated list of fonts to use for your money card holder designs.

3 Step Font Selection Guide

Step 1: Pick Your Topic/Theme

The first crucial step in font selection is to determine the topic or theme of your money card holder project. This theme acts as the foundation upon which you’ll build your design.

Picking a clear theme provides a sense of direction and purpose to your project. It narrows down your font choices and helps you establish a coherent and visually appealing design. When you have a theme, it becomes easier for the recipient to connect to the money card holders, as they can instantly recognize and relate to the theme.

Crafters that create money card holders with clear themes tend to gain popularity with their money card holder designs and they tend to be appreciated by recipients for their clarity and theme-related aesthetics.

Here are some ways you can come up with a topic/theme for your money card holder:

  • Pick a holiday such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas
  • Use a special occasion or event like weddings, baby showers, or graduations
  • Get inspired by a hot quote or trending meme.

Step 2: Create a Search Term

Creating a search term is like using a magic wand to uncover fonts that precisely match your chosen theme. It involves crafting a specific keyword phrase that includes your topic or theme along with the word “font.” Ex: Thanksgiving font

This step drastically simplifies your font search process. Instead of sifting through countless fonts, you’ll immediately find options tailored to your project’s theme. This efficiency reduces decision fatigue and streamlines your creative workflow, leaving you feeling more in control.

When crafters use search terms to pick a font, they save time and effort that would have otherwise been wasted on unrelated fonts.

A great place that I use and recommend to find fonts is

Step 3: Pick Your Font Style

Selecting the right font style is where the magic of conveying emotions happens. Depending on your project’s theme and the feelings you wish to evoke, you’ll choose a font style that aligns with your intentions. For instance, if you aim for playfulness, opt for handwritten fonts, while elegance is best expressed through script fonts.

Your font style communicates emotions and intentions to your recipient. Crafters who understand this leverage font styles to make their money card holders truly resonate with recipients. This step empowers you to create an emotional connection with those who receive your cards, leaving them feeling delighted and understood.

Crafters who choose the right font style elevate their money card holders to a new level of impact.

????Bonus Step: Use a font duo

Using a font duo is like having a secret weapon in your design arsenal. These duos are meticulously crafted by designers to complement each other perfectly. They eliminate the guesswork and time-consuming search for fonts that pair well together.

Font duos reduce the decision-making stress. When you use a font duo, you eliminate the uncertainty and time-consuming process of hunting for two fonts that harmonize. This streamlines your design workflow and boosts your confidence. Knowing that your fonts are designed to complement each other, you feel more in control of your project.

Crafters who use font duos discover the immense convenience they offer. They no longer struggle to find font combinations that work harmoniously. Instead, they enjoy the confidence of knowing that their font choices are expertly matched.

Which step in this font selection guide did you find most helpful? Put a 1,2, 3, or 4 in the comments.

  1. Pick a topic or theme
  2. Create a search term
  3. Pick your font style
  4. Use a font duo

Let’s put this all together

Now that you’ve learned the simple 3 step font selection guide. It’s time to put it into action.

  1. Pick a topic or theme – Thanksgiving
  2. Create a search term – Thanksgivng font
  3. Pick your font style – Playful

In the next post, we will be putting this all into action and creating our own quote designs for our money card holders in Cricut Design Space. Subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Click the button below to get the free font ideas guide and get an even faster shortcut to a curated list of fonts to use for your money card holder designs.

Download the free font ideas guide by clicking the pink button below.

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3 Secrets to Avoid Spending Hours Picking A Font

Want to make money card holders but you spend too much time picking the font?

By the end of this video, you’ll have 3 simple and easy-to-use strategies to be able to confidently pick a font in just minutes for your money card holder projects.

Get your free font ideas guide with a list of 10 curated fonts to give you an even faster shortcut to picking a font to use for your money card holder designs.


Mistake 1: Not Using Font Duos

If you’re one of those crafters spending hours scouring the internet for that “perfect” font combination for your money card holder project, It’s a common mistake, but there’s a better way. Instead of looking through random fonts, consider using font duos. These are carefully paired font combinations that not only save you time but also add a professional touch to your designs.

By embracing font duos, you’ll feel a sense of relief. No more font-hunting frustration! You’ll experience confidence in your design choices, knowing that these duos are expertly matched to create stunning money card holders.

Thousands of crafters like you have discovered the magic of font duos. These duos have transformed their projects from ordinary to extraordinary. Join this community and witness the difference for yourself.

Mistake 2: Trying to Look for the Perfect Font

If you are on an endless quest for the “perfect” font, don’t worry. It’s a mistake many crafters make. Instead of seeking perfection, understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all font. Embrace the idea that each project has its unique charm and can have more than one choice for different occasions.

Letting go of the pursuit of perfection will free you from the stress of font selection. You’ll experience creativity without constraints, knowing that there’s beauty in diversity. Your money card holders will be more versatile and captivating.

Crafters who shifted their mindset from “perfect” to “suitable” fonts celebrate their newfound design freedom. This change leads to more unique and eye-catching money card holders. Join them in embracing font diversity.

Mistake 3: Not Having a Simple and Easy-to-Follow Formula

If the thought of choosing fonts for your money card holders overwhelms you, the key is having a straightforward formula to guide you through the process. Instead of aimlessly experimenting with fonts, use a simple, step-by-step formula. It will take the guesswork out of font selection, making your projects a breeze.

When you have a clear formula, you’ll experience a sense of control. You’ll no longer feel lost in the font jungle. Confidence will replace confusion as you follow the formula, knowing your money card holders will turn out beautifully.

Crafters who adopted this formula have reported remarkable transformations in their designs. They’ve shared their before-and-after pictures, highlighting how simplicity and clarity elevated their projects. Be part of this success story.

Don’t let font selection hold you back. Instead, use font duos, follow a simple formula, and let go of the quest for perfection. Crafters just like you have already reaped the rewards of these strategies, and you can too. Say goodbye to font frustration and hello to stunning money card holders!

Which one of these mistakes have you made? Put a 1, 2, or 3 in the comments.

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Download the free font ideas guide by clicking the link in the description or the pink button below this video.