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Halloween Card Ideas to Make in Cricut Design Space

Curious about designing money card holders for Halloween but not sure what’s possible?

By the end of this step-by-step guide, you’ll transition from uncertainty to confidence, discovering the endless Halloween card ideas you can bring to life using Cricut Design Space.

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Myth 1: You Need Fancy Tools for Graphic Design

Expensive tools aren’t a requirement for crafting stunning designs. You can work wonders with what you already have, bringing your custom money card holder ideas to life. Many successful designers prove that creativity isn’t determined by the tools you use. Take a look at this money card holder designed solely using Cricut Design Space by one of my students.

So what should you do instead? Start with what’s accessible. Your creative journey is about refining your skills, not just relying on tools. Surpassing this myth empowers you to unleash your creativity without limitations, focusing on expressing your ideas rather than the tools.

Myth 2: You Need to Be a Natural-Born Creative

Creativity is a skill anyone can develop. It’s not confined to a select few; everyone can grow and enhance their creative abilities. Just like any other skill, creativity can be nurtured through practice, learning, and exposure to diverse art forms. Meet June, a once-apprehensive student who found clarity and confidence in the instructions.

Embrace growth and start experimenting. A wealth of techniques and inspiration awaits. Dispelling this myth liberates you from self-doubt, unlocking your creative potential and the joy of artistic expression.

Myth 3: Graphic Design Is About Creating 100% Original Designs Every Time

Graphic design involves remixing and adapting existing elements to save time and foster innovation. Collaboration often sparks fresh ideas. Existing components can lead to remarkable results. Many design collections reuse or combine a handful of graphics in multiple ways, like just 3 graphics forming 7 unique designs. Embrace the power of repurposing. Combine elements to craft designs uniquely yours. Overcoming this myth relieves the pressure of reinventing the wheel. Focus on crafting impactful designs that resonate.

Which myth resonated with you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Dive into the playlist below for more valuable tips to effortlessly create money card holders. Your Halloween designs are just a few clicks away!

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Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

A DIY Jack o Lantern Halloween Costume makes a quick and easy couples Halloween costume. Our Jack o Lantern SVG is great for making super easy last-minute Halloween costumes for couples if you are short on time but need a really cute duo Halloween costume idea. There’s no need to find your next Halloween couples costumes on Pinterest, we’ve got you covered right here in this post. Whether you are looking for a funny couples costume or a cheap couples costume we’ve got 5 of the best homemade couples costumes ideas you need right here in this post. All you need is a couple of items and you can have this jack o lantern Halloween shirt idea SVG done in a flash.

5 Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

The first quick and easy couples Halloween costume idea is a pregnancy announcement. What better way to share your awesome news with everyone than with this cute jack o lantern on mommy’s belly.

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

The second quick and easy couples Halloween costume idea is Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. This funny couples costume is sure to turn heads and get people talking.

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin PI

The third quick and easy couples Halloween costume idea is pumpkin pie. This cute and endearing couples costume is a great way to express your love for your significant other.

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin

The fourth quick and easy couples Halloween costume idea is Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin. This is another cute duo Halloween costume idea. Great for husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, etc.

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

Half & Half Jack O Lantern

The fifth and last quick and easy couples Halloween costume idea is the half and half jack o lantern. Wear with your other half to make one perfectly matching jack o lantern.

Quick and Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

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You will Need

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These are the essential items which most crafters have on hand already. In case you do not, here are my recommendations.

Craft Specific Items

Here are the items you will need specifically to make this Halloween craft idea.


  1. Download the Emoji Jack O Lantern SVG.
  2. Unzip the file and upload it into Cricut Design Space.
  3. Resize the file to the appropriate dimensions for the shirt you are making.
  4. Load mat and materials and cut the file using your cutting machine.
  5. Weed the design, remove the design from the mat, and press it onto your shirt.

Please share this post on Pinterest and tag your photo under the tried tab so I can see how your couples Halloween costumes turned out!