Imagine having a shortcut to create a money card holder for Christmas!

But hurry, it’s only available until the timer runs out.

Money Card Holder Template

The Money Card Holder Template helps crafters who don’t know where to start make custom money card holders with these done for you templates.

Disclaimer: Price during this sale is $7 for both the blank templates and the gift tags.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to make money card holders without a clear template

Get these money card holder templates to make a customized card

    • Save time by not having to design money card holders completely from scratch. Have your own custom money holder card designed in minutes.
    • Save money by not having to buy money card holders off Etsy or the internet. Have more money to spend on your crafting.
    • Save yourself the frustration of having to put together a money card holder when you don’t know how. Have the step by step instructions you need to quickly and easily make a custom money card holder design.

What you'll get:

This is what you can make with these templates!

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