how to make cricut designs for free

Learn how to create your own custom designs from scratch for your Cricut projects!

⭐You’ll also get a free guidebook on the combine tools to help get you ready for the workshop when you register. 

For years I’ve used Cricut Design Space to make my own custom designs from scratch for my craft projects. No buying a file off Etsy. No searching for a file those free Facebook groups. No paying someone else to do it for me. Just completely and totally from scratch in Cricut Design Space.

Learning how to create your own designs is the secret to being able to make exactly the craft project you desire. This is why I’m hosting a free workshop: Create Your Own Custom Designs in 5 Days February 27-March 3 @11 PM EST to teach you what I know.

Clicking the button to join will give you access to the free challenge plus the accompanying guidebook so you’ll have everything you need to start the challenge.  

If you want to create your own designs but don’t even know where to begin, don’t know how the combine tools work, or lack the confidence you need to create designs, then this challenge is for you:

Creating your own custom designs for your projects will give you the power to:

  • No longer have to convert and clean up an image just so you can use it. 
  • Finally stop sifting through those Facebook group dumps. 
  • No more trying to fix a file you bought because it wasn’t made correctly.
  • Make exactly what you want instead of setting for whatever you can find on the internet. 
Spend 5 days in this challenge with me and learn:
  • Step by step how to create your own custom design in Cricut Design Space from scratch.
  • What each of the combine tools do.
  • How to use each of these tools.
  • A practical example of how you can use each tool to make your custom design.

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Chaniece Williams in an SVG designer helping crafters just like you create their own custom designs for their projects, even if they don’t know where to start.


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