Free New Year’s Eve “Drink If” Game Printable

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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and I’m trying to make it a fun memorable holiday for my family this year. I LOVE DIY so I thought, why not make up my own game! My game is inspired by the popular drinking games already out there and features some original questions. Also, you do not have to partake in alcohol to make this game fun. Sparking beverages work just as great and all ages can participate.


The set consists of 24 different cards.


  • Print out each of the 3 card pages
  • Optional: Laminate or print on card stock for more durable game cards.
  • Cut out each game card.


  • Fill each player’s cup full of the beverage of choice.
  • Take turns reading each card aloud.
  • If you meet the criteria on the card, take a drink.

That’s it! This is a very simple game to set up and play. Subscribe to the blog below to get access to the free printable. Once you have a chance to play, comment below and let me know how it went.

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